New York Yankees 2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Box Sets

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A Topps Town Code Card in every pack. A Hall Of Fame Patch card in every box. 10 Packs of 8 cards per box, for a total of 80 cards. Made in USA Topps Baseball, the only Official Major League Baseball card, leads off the MLB season with a celebratory anthology of baseball’s past, present, and future, with exclusive Autograph, Cut Signature, Relic, and Insert cards. Topps Baseball pitches a perfect game with a ground-breaking, once-in-a-lifetime Promotion that will generate amazing buzz and strong consumer demand. Inserts include The Cards Your Mother Threw Out, and MLB Exclusive Patch Cards. Topps Million Card Giveaway – a 1 in 6 pack promotional card that contains a code. This code can be entered into the Topps website and a vintage Topps card will appear. The consumer now owns that card, and can trade it online, donate it to a youth charity or keep it in an online card collection until such time they want the cards physically sent to them. Topps is buying back at least 1 million cards in the market to support this program, and these are actual vintage Topps cards. There will be a small handling fee for the shipment of these cards.



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